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  • About Who We Are

    RETAIL SOLUTIONS PROS, specialized in the reseller and consulting of retail store technology, designing and delivering Retail & Industrial Merchandising, storage and display system in the  USA.  Established in May of 2008 as the industry leaders in retail merchandise for retail chain stores . Our main product series is Supermarket & Retail Shelving technology , Apparel Racking & Shelving, Display Units, Counters, ESLs, Shopping Push Carts and Accessories for Store Fixtures & Fittings.

    OUR MISSION is to be growing with you to be the best ONE-STOP-SHOP supplier in the US, in the world, to be your reliable partner to enhance Retail managing & selling.
    Everyone at RETAIL SOLUTIONS PRO strive to grow up together, our  aim is creating an elite team which is energetic, fightable, combat-worthy, cohesive and has the alility to learn more new things. We create for our workmate a harmonious, thankful, win-win and loving life space! We provide suppliers a cooperation model which is with fair, equality, mutual assistance, win-win and grow up together. We also provide customers a consume experience which is valued, satisfied, respectful and have a sense of achievement.