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  • Power-assisted Carting System for Retail Market

    The all KART M3 series is the 3rd generation of power cart return systems. The KART M3 increases cart return productivity by over 50% while reducing the risk of injury to employees and guests. This powerful combination of high productivity and increased safety allows stores to recover their investment.
    Power assist technology and ergonomic design protect employees from strain related injuries normally associated with manual cart collection, while simultaneously improving parking lot efficiency and perception. Increased productivity combined with substantial savings from fewer job-related injuries makes the proven value of the KART® M3 impossible to ignore… $20,000 saved every year for each store that uses a KART®. With this value proposition, most stores recover their initial investment in 6 months or less.

    Motor 36 Volts DC, 1120 W, 1.75 HP continuous duty rating 4-Pole drive motor Efficient permanent magnet motor; long brush-life
    Patented Burst Mode & Programmable Current Control Patented feature allows for extra power during start-up Reduced power after start-up; protects drive train, motor & extends battery life & run time
    Transaxle Heavy duty, next generation & purpose-designed for cart collection Superior bearings & gears to withstand the rigor of cart collection; 1,820 in.-lb Continuous, 2,143 in.-lb Peak
    Hood ABS Plastic, easily opens from the side Impact/Rust resistant-keeps KART® looking better longer, quick maintenance access – no need to unhitch to look inside
    Chassis Welded heavy gauge steel with powder coating  
    Batteries (3) Group 31 maintenance-free deep cycle 130 A-h capacity Long-life batteries 12 hours continuous use on one charge
    Smart Charging System On Board 16 amp @ 36VDC (48 amp @12 Volt equivalent) series-balanced Smart Charger Automatic shut off, maintenance charge mode, & battery life maximizer, 8hrs required to achieve full charge
    Electronics Plug & play modular electronics, conformal coated molex connectors Easy service & modular repairs, protects against moisture and vibration, easy access to connectors, spades, and lugs, no wire nuts, or soldered connections for easy maintenance
    On-Board Self Diagnostics System Coded maintenance & service signals Eliminates unnecessary service trips & ensures the most uptime for your KART®
    Easy-Service/Maintenance Design Electronics housed in body, easy access, Protected from weather, motor & transaxle can be serviced without removing batteries
    Brakes Spring applied, electrically or manually applied  
    Best In Class Control Panel Resilient features, status lights, ergonomic design Intuitive, damage & weather resistant, outperforms the competition
    Key Switch Side mount Protected by handlebar design, eliminates moisture intrusion
    Throttle RH Thumbwheel throttle bi-directional, ergonomic, & intuitive Can operate unit from either side, extremely durable, no mechanical parts, solid state position sensor, unique radio security code
    Beacon/Electronics No RF electronics in beacon head Protection from weather; lower cost of replacement
    Control Panel Status Lights Controller & RF status on control panel Easier to operate, troubleshoot & repair
    Best in Class Remote Control Durable, waterproof, dynamic design, integrated safety features Most dependable and long lasting remote in class, holder design protects user from visual interference from strobe beacon while operating – while maintaining high visibility
    Tires Front: (2) 16 in. (40.6 cm) solid knobby tread; Rear: 8 in. x 2 in. (20.3 cm x 5.08 cm) solid swivel caster Durable low maintenance
    Multiple Hitch Attachments & Adjustable Cart Cups Allows for different configuration & multiple cart sizes Easy to use, multiple configuration options, allows retrieval of multiple shopping cart sizes, to maximize the utility of your KART®