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  • Heat Map

    Our Heat map devices are specifically designed to calculate the occupancy of certain areas within your stores. It does this by tracking the number of visitors coming in and out of a particular zone. They are retailers’ most preferred choice to calculate the number of visitors that spend time in a predefined area.

    In order to cover a larger area our Heatmap is equipped with fish eye lenses.. When the two devices complement each other the comprehension of customer behaviour get much clearer.

    Our Heat map works with PoE network cable. Heatmap devices equip you with the necessary data to measure the performance of promotions, point-of-sale material, product placements and all kinds of campaigns for each zone.

    Main Feature

    Visitor Activity

    See what users are doing on your website; analyze usage patterns.

    Clicks HeatMap

    See the most "active" click spots on your website, optimize the page to get better conversions and sales.

    Click Conversion Tracking

    Monitor button and link clicks; see reports on every page element.

    Traffic Flow

    View an interactive HTML5 flowchart of internal traffic distribution between your pages.                             


    Heatmap Count Device Specifications

    Device Dimensions R:126mm, H:69mm Circular Cover
    Packing Dimensions 190x140x62mm (WxDxH)
    Device Weight 270g
    Package Weight 1120g
    Lens Options Min. Height 2.2 meters, Max. Height 3.5 meters
    POE IEEE802.3af (48 V DC)
    Interface HTTP / HTTPS
    Operating System Linux Based V-Count OS
    Time NTP, Adjustable Timezone, Automatic Daylight Saving Adjustments
    Ethernet Connection Yes
    3G GSM Connection No
    Data Storage 3 Years offline storage with auto synchronization
    Plug & Play No
    User Levels 3 Levels: Admin, Standard, Guest User
    Cabling Cat5 – Cat6
    Operating Environmental Specs Temperature: 10°C to 35°C, Humidity: 10% to 90%
    Storage Environmental Specs Temperature: -40°C to 70°C, Humidity: 10% to 95%