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  • Price Displays With Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

    Leading edge wireless, Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) technology allows immediate response to supplier price changes assuring customer pricing reflects the most current prices in the marketplace.
    Empower your sales force with the ability to quickly and professionally find the right product to meet customer needs and ultimately make the sale by using our technology. We provide a fully graphic electronic shelf-edge labels (ESLs), which can be used to display text, numbers, barcodes, QR codes and brand logos anywhere on freely-configurable displays. The label ranges today are 2-colour black/white or 3-colour black/white/red. Four different label sizes are available.
    Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) is an electronic display units that can be used to replace the traditional paper price label. In addition to reducing staff needs to support price changes, ESL offers retailers the ability to update pricing as often as they want (dynamic pricing), while at the same time reducing pricing errors to customers. Now retailers can offer promotional pricing that responds to their customer traffic patterns (price optimization), or in response to an event, such as offering umbrellas at a promotional price as rain starts. We Offer ESL wireless electronic shelf label system, the use of wireless technology and remote control technology, real-time, stable, rapid changes in commodity prices.
    With digital price tags and wireless electronic shelf label software, the retail real-time synchronization updates the database; while always making sure that the price tag is consistent with the cash register system. We offer Chroma and Aura ranges of electronic shelf labels (ESLs) feature with the latest electrophoretic display (EPD) technology in a range of sizes to deliver high quality, fully graphic product labels to display across your store.

    Cost Reduction: creation of labels, price changes (often several thousand per week, inc. promotions), price checks at the shelf edge and the management of complaints due to price discrepancies. Cost of paper and of printing the labels. Electronic shelf labeling cuts these costs by more than 80% cost of the ESL solution (repayment or rental + maintenance) Overall, Retail Solutions Pro customers save over 60% by replacing their paper labels with electronic shelf labels.

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