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  • Dynamic Communicator

    Dynamic Communicator

    The Dynamic Communicator is the hub of the in-store RF infrastructure and is responsible for managing the distribution of data across the full store network of ESLs. The Displaydata solution is simple to implement, the only in-store infrastructure required are Dynamic Communicators and the electronic shelf labels (ESLs), removing the need for an in-store server and any store software installation.

    Simple, light-touch infrastructure

    • Dynamic Communicator is very discreet in store and can be installed with just two screws and power from an Ethernet connection (PoE).
    • Integrated wall/ceiling mounting bracket for ease of installation.
    • Rapidly deployable infrastructure: No need for a server or software to be installed in-store.
    • High data throughput rate means ESLs can be updated in store quickly.
    • Ability to mix and match Displaydata’s different ranges of ESLs over the same infrastructure for maximum flexibility.
    • An optional “mains” power supply unit (PSU) can be supplied separately where PoE is unavailable.

    True two-way communication

    Powerful two-way broadcast of price, product and promotional information to fully graphic electronic shelf labels with 100% accuracy.• Each ESL individually acknowledges communication updates, reporting back internal status information such as battery, signal strength and temperature. Offering complete reassurance across an entire retail estate.
    • The Dynamic Solution provides status updates on battery power and ambient temperature and keeps a complete audit trail of updates.

    ESL Models

    Long-range RF infrastructure

    • Secure and reliable long-range two-way communication resilient to interference from other in-store communications i.e. 2.4GHz, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, etc.
    • Extensive store coverage: Up to 50,000 sq. ft (5000 m2) and up to 65,000 ESLs from a single Communicator which can be extended with additional Communicators.
    • Extensible RF infrastructure capable of supporting additional devices and communications protocols.

    Fully scalable

    • Centrally managed and fully scalable, allowing everything from an individual display to every detail on every ESL across an entire retail estate to be updated easily, wirelessly and instantly
    • Ability to easily add more Communicators and ESLs as and when required.
    • Works across all retail environments regardless of number of stores, store size, ceiling height or number of ESLs.
    • No limit to the size of retail estate we can deliver.
    • The Dynamic Communicator is a PoE device and can be driven from any standard Ethernet network using powered Ethernet switches or PoE injectors.

    Network stability & resilience

    • Extremely resilient against RF interference, Dynamic Solution coexists with other RF protocols in-store.
    • In the event that the ‘Master’ Communicator is disconnected or fails, the system will alert the users as the fault occurs
    • The Dynamic Solution takes care of backing up important network data by automatically performing regular backups of the Communicator and simplifying the replacement and restore process should a Communicator become damaged or fail.