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  • What is BLE Beacon and how does it work?

    BLE communication consists primarily of “Advertisements”, or small packets of data, broadcast at a regular interval by Beacons or other BLE enabled devices via radio waves.

    BLE Advertising is a one-way communication method. Beacons that want to be “discovered” can broadcast, or “Advertise” self-contained packets of data in set intervals. These packets are meant to be collected by devices like smartphones, where they can be used for a variety of smartphone applications to trigger things like push messages, app actions, and prompts.

    Apple’s iBeacon standard calls for an optimal broadcast interval of 100 ms. Broadcasting more frequently uses more battery life but allows for quicker discovery by smartphones and other listening devices. Standard BLE has a broadcast range of up to 100 meters, which make Beacons ideal for indoor location tracking and awareness.

    Our BLE enabled ESLs enable you to deliver richer and more personalised content to shoppers as they browse around the store. BLE beacons integrated with Displaydata’s Dynamic Solution provides significant operational and cost advantages of managing a single system and hardware platform. Our solutions allows you to control the BLE beacons; turning them on/off, adjusting their broadcast range, changing their UUID signal and monitoring their battery levels.