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  • Battery-Powered 900 MHz People Counter

    Battery-powered Non-directional People Counter

    The People Counter CP-TBB12-R is a stand-alone, non-directional battery-operated people counter. It has a 6-digit LCD counter and internal data logger. This system consists of a photoelectric infrared beam transmitter and receiver which can operate up to 25 feet apart in front or side-firing modes. The counter will increment as the invisible IR beam is broken regardless of the direction of traffic. Child-resistant universal mounting bracket enables operation in front or side firing modes. Easy data collection is available by using either the LCD display or built-in data logger. A USB Software Utility is included to export data in a Microsoft Excel document.
    The TBB12 series Battery-Powered people counters are one of the most basic traffic counting technologies. These break-beam style sensors are typically used in applications where a general idea of traffic volume and patterns are acceptable. If you are looking for a people counting system with 95% accuracy guaranteed and dynamic reporting features, please view our Clear Count Intelligent Imaging series of sensors. 


    Battery-powered sensor installs in minutes
    • 6-digit LCD display indicates counter value and setup parameters
    • Built-in data logger stores up to 3,000 records or approx 33 days at 15 minute increments
    • USB port for configuration and data extraction
    • Adjustable High/Low sensing range to extend battery life of sensor
    • Front-Firing (Opposing Wall mount) or Side-Firing (Door-Frame Mount) in one unit


     Why Count?

    A store’s sales figures are only half of the equation for success. You must also know the store’s traffic figures to fully understand your business.

    Decreased Sales + Decreased Pedestrian Traffic = External Problems
    External Problems can be things such as curb appeal, location and changes in automotive traffic patterns

    around your establishment's area or lack of advertising or successful advertising.

    Decreased Sales + Increased Pedestrian Traffic = Internal Problems
    Internal Problems can be things such as the skill level of your sales staff, your in-store product selection or pricing.


    • Gray enclosure, PC-TBB12-R
    • Black enclosure, PC-TBB12-RB
    Side Firing Door Frame Mount

    Side Firing (Door/Frame Mount)

    Front Firing Opposing Wall Mount

    Front Firing (Opposing Wall Mount)


    IR Sensor Range (Selectable 10ft or 30ft max) 1 - 25 Feet
    Battery life - 6 moths 1 year -
    Battery type: Lithium 3.6V, Size = AA
    Enclosure (designed for indoor use only): 2.0w" x 4.3L" x 1.2H" ABS (CYCOLAC) Plastic